A novel abortion and Jeff Freeman.

There’s this tricky thing about time, it doesn’t stop for one second. In fact, in order to make good use of time, you have to take time to make plans about time management. It’s insane, quite frankly. And I’m horrible at making good use of time. So, I’m quitting NaNoWriMo. After the first two days and three thousand words, I was feeling pretty good about it. Then I got in this beta for a forthcoming MMORPG, and decided to try it for three days. I mean, I could always make up the time by pulling all-day sessions on my days off of work, right?

Well, that MMORPG, like virtually all MMORPGs I’ve tried, did nothing for me. S’shame, really. (I’d like to see someone take note of Jeff Freeman’s ideas, which you can read via Ole Bald Angus, here. Though, now that Freeman is “Lead Game Play Designer” on Star Wars Galaxies, maybe a few more folks will listen to him. More on him in a sec.)

The point here is that I’m thinking that this time novel-writing and particularly MMORPGing, would have been better spent programming. So I’m going to do more of that.

I mean, after over a week of not doing it, I probably couldn’t even program pong efficiently. I’d end up having to google something. (Okay, bit of a stretch, but still.) As much as I want to take on a large project, but first I think I first want to do something small and fun that gives instant results to warm the brain back up.

I’m thinking overhead free-roaming shooter. I love spilling zombie guts.

Though on Mr. Freeman becoming LGPD, kudos to him. Despite his insistence “So don’t get the crazy notion that I’m “in charge” here. “The Man” is a many-headed beast called Management. I just try to help it make good decisions. With regard to game mechanics, it even lets me decide, sometimes.” He should remember the wise words of my crazy pal Eddie. To be The Man, you must beat The Man! Wooo!