A story from the Montreal Games Summit

Found a great post via Jurie of Intelligent Artifice. (Who got it via Robin of gewgaw.)

It’s a recap of an incident at the Montreal Games Summit as blogged by Kim Pallister, a Microsoft employee of who-knows-what-type. Allow me to repost part of his blog, including the heavy French accent that somehow drives the point home.

“You talk about de need for critical acclaim. And you talk about de need for de big boodget. Der is a painting in France called de monah-leesah. It is famous. It might be very expensif too, if you can buy it, but you can’t buy it.”

Then he pulls out a peice of loose leaf paper from his pocket and unfolds it, holding it up in front of 600+ people, to show a cartoon drawing. Noticably choked up, he says, “Dis is a picture dat my son drawed for me. This drawing makes me cry, and de monah leesah doesn’t effect me one damn bit”.

Do yourself the favor of reading his post, here. I love blogs. Without’em we’d never hear these gems.