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Just thought I’d take a minute to point out a couple of websites that I didn’t know about, and you may or may not either. Firstly, is Raph Koster’s. Sure he’s had like three other blogs, but he seems intent on keeping this one updated. Seriously. He’s even posted LiveJournal-esque quiz answers and poetry. But I’m sure we’ll all be better for it in some way. (If you haven’t read his book, A Theory of Fun, you’re really missing out.)

Another is one that’s been around a short while is that of Tom Buscaglia, which the author admits will be updated sporadically. He’s not a developer, but an attorney who deals in video game law. He’s even given himself the subtitle “The Game Attorney.” Want cool points for an attorney? He’s even part of a clan. He’s shown himself to be rather unafraid about the industry. He’s pointed out developers by name for being dicks. He’s lamented the fact that ‘we’ (gamers) have lost Gaming to big business and can only save it via indie games. And while many hesitantly touch on unionization, he grapples the subject unapologetically with:

So, I gotta wonder…why is there so much hostility toward even discussing the idea of some of the bigger studios becoming union shops?

I have a few ideas…possibly it is snoberism. Being in a union is considered working class and most developers consider themselves to be “above” that. Though it is difficult for me to see much of a difference between making chevies on an assembly line and making Madden 2007 on an assembly line. Sure I get it for small creative teams. But not for a line workers and they are the ones getting screwed the most, with the least power, at a time in their careers when they are most vulnerable.

Too bad that senior developers don’t take a bit more responsibility for those on the lower tiers of the industry. I suspect that if Will Wright asked management at EA to please treat those working on his SIMS games a little better, EA would do it. Especially if Will said that if they did not he’d take his next game to Midway!

The Game Attorney is so hippo.