An Emboldened Defeat

Yeah… I’ll never use italics again. They suck.

This isn’t an excuse mind you, just an explanation. I thought I could handle both the job and a game, but that didn’t happen. I find myself only working and sleeping (or trying to sleep,) with my time. So I thought “Hey, I’ll get a pal in on it. Working with a partner always makes it flow easier, and makes it easier to stay interested in something.” Alas, no takers. Everyone’s heard the statement along the lines of “if you’re not willing to see something through to the end, you’ll never make it.” If that’s true, I’ll never make it. That’s why I chose to go to a school to learn programming rather than teaching myself, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. The second I had to use a double pointer I would’ve given up. I suppose in school I expected to find people there who wanted to forsake having a personal life, live on a diet of rice and noodle based foods, like in a commune-like apartment, and be the next id software, but I never did. They may have been there, but I didn’t meet them.

I’ve been putting off posting this for a while, and have multiple drafts of it written, but I guess it’s time. I announce my defeat in video games. Though sure, I’ll still write about them, and probably other stuff too if I can find the time now.

I suppose I’ll launch headlong into this ‘news’ thing now, seeing as that’s currently what pays the bills. And the bills are mounting up; thank you student loans. Odd how life works out, and how work lives out.