“That’s not surprising.”

My friends know me well…

Brad: Diablo 3 needs to come out. I’ve been in the mood for a good mindless hack n slash for quite sometime.

Jeffool: I just could never get into’em. The Diablo games.

Brad: That’s not surprising. You don’t have the choice to NOT kill the minions and just join up with Diablo… Or saying fuck it, running off with the barmaid and moving out into the woods where you could decide or not decide to have children, which depending on how you raise them of course, might rise up and defeat Diablo for you, or just sponge off of you their entire lives… THEN you’d get into it. However, being force to just go hack some shit up to progress through the game… I totally see you saying “meh”

Jeffool: I’m going to quote that somewhere.