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Jeffool's TF Chess

Players choose their class and wage war! The VIP (King) starts on each players ‘fortress’, marked here:

Each player attempts to capture their opponents Fortress with their VIP. If your VIP takes an enemy’s Fortress for three turns, you win.

If your VIP is checkmated, then he is placed back on your fortress (or the nearest open square of the taken VIP’s choice.)

If a VIP is checkmated by a VIP while on his Fortress, he loses.

Choose any of the classes to begin, and set up your side appropriately!








And that’s not all! The Scout and Spy have some ‘special abilities’!

The Scout can move any two pawns forward one space (or diagonally to attack) in the same turn by audibly shouting “Bonk!” If the players are not playing in real time, Vent, Skype, or some other method of audibly getting the point across is required. If the opposing player doesn’t have speakers or headphones, the Scout is screwed.

The Spy starts with the exact same setup as the Soldier, but has a very special ability. At any time the Spy can reveal that any of his pawns is in actuality the ‘VIP’! If this is done when the VIP is attacked, the attacking piece is killed! When the VIP is revealed, the VIP and pawn must switch places to reveal their true nature.

More special abilities to come in future expansions! :D

Hrm. Wonder if I could find an online chess engine that lets players define rules…