LOL: The Game

You may’ve already seen this, but just in case you haven’t… It’s the Frankenstein’s Monster of video games; a group of ‘developers’ called “Majestic Studios” have made their masterpiece which will save adventure games: Limbo of the Lost! How did they go about this? Simple, they played through other games, took screencaps, and animated a shitty model over them. I shit you not. Just open this screencap of Limbo of the Lost, and then check this one from Oblivion.

It was made by three guys all working from their home, and they’re so damn proud of their game it would be tragic, if it weren’t so goddamn funny.

Well, okay, except the cat on the right. He knows he’s going to hell.

You seriously owe it to yourself to run through the NeoGAF thread for a quick laugh, even if you only browse the pictures. Through the thread they find that many other games have had their graves pillaged to create this shining accomplishment, including Unreal 3, Silent Hill 4, Morrowind, Diablo, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Black & White 2, and others, including ‘fmv’ from Pirates of the Caribbean flick, so, bonus points right?

Speaking of pirates, I’m going to have to pirate a copy of this game. It couldn’t get any better if it were done on purpose.

/edit: Oh god, it just keeps getting funnier! Ah Internet, I love you!