I have a list of demands.

I’m very much a person who intends to do things, but doesn’t get around to actually doing them. It’s a large fault of mine. But my latest ‘project’ is to write a bunch of articles about MMOs, and what it would take to get me to like them. See, I want to like MMOs, I really do… But I can’t for a litany of reasons! So, I’m going to write some posts addressing those reasons with one thought in mind: I’m going to dream, I’m going to dream big. No, I don’t think that any of these things will happen, but so what? Like Jeff Freeman says, if I had something to say I’d put up a website. This is a blog.

Note: All comparisons to WoW and Oblivion in the posts will just be for general reference. I’m not a fan of WoW, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. That just means I don’t like it. Conversely, I did like Oblivion…

I’ve written up a list of most of the reasons. My posts will very likely be from this group:

Massacring MMOs (Or: Born in the M.M.O.)
-Hoofin’ It (Or: “Why the hell does this road go between two deserts; one plagued with mutant rats, and the other with marauders guarding a giant chest of gold, yet they can’t afford good weaponry?” “Will you just stop and ask for directions?” “No! I’m not lost! This road is just fucking stupid!”)
-Sweet Memories (Or: Remember that spot where we first kissed? Yeah, me neither.)
-Mission-ery Positions (Or: Mindless repetition.)
The Clothes Should Make the Man (Or: Nice suit, everyone.)
-Grinding For Items (Or: No. Just no.)
-PVP (Or: Gimme PVP, or I’ll punch you in the face.)
-Say Something (Or: Can you hear me now? Why the fuck not?)
-One Man’s Journey (Or: How I never saved the world, despite constantly doing just that.)
-Deadly, Deadly Death (Or: This won’t hurt a bit.)
-The End (Or: Well-time orgasmic big bang, or drawn-out dribbling little whimper? Publishers, I know which one you’ll pick!)