The Amazing Legendary Frank

Is this technically fanfic? I don’t know. But I’m writing some fiction now, and plan to stay in the habit. What have I chosen as my ‘enabler’ to keep me going? Oblivion. In anticipation of the game, I decided to play through it not as just some virtual representation of myself, but as a character I’ve created named Frank. No it won’t be a fanmade novelization of the game, imagine it more along the lines of 8-bit Theatre minus Final Fantasy, plus Oblivion, with a twist of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. Wow, I’m the Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper of gaming fanfic! (Ugh.)

You can follow Frank Smith’s journey from Seyda Neen shopkeep to savior of Tamriel at

Some time tonight/tomorrow Frank should wake up in Oblivion.