Jeff Freeman: A Free Man

(Well, at least so far as in he isn’t tethered to his blog any more.)

I’ve been getting lots of people searching for Jeff Freeman due to an old post I made with his name in the title, so I thought I’d sum it up here.

Jeff Freeman packed up shop on February 9th at about 1:30pm. He tossed up an image that mimics a World of Warcraft informational item pop-up:

Apparently he wasn’t happy with the amount of blogging he was doing, though it’s a shame he deleted it completely. Sometimes people like to read older posts. But hey, it’s his blog and I’m not going to tell him how to do it. Well, not too much anyway. The very next day on February 10th, at about 5am, he deleted his blog from blogspot/blogger.

I don’t know Jeff Freeman. I don’t know much about his past, aside from what he put in a post about his entrance into the video game industry that ended with mentioning the recent changes to SWG. Of course it turned into a SWG-player bitchfest, and was promptly deleted, which is a shame. It seemed like a pretty good insight to him and his style. And I think that Jeff Freeman has some good ideas for MMOs. Wanna read some of them? Here, read this.

That’s an old blog posting by Ole Bald Angus, (a pal of Freemans.) Worth noting is that back in the day used to go by “Dundee.” So when you see “Dundee,” think “Jeff Freeman.” Of course, on February 5th, at 1pm, Ole Bald Angus quit his blog too. Admittedly I know nothing of Angus aside from reading him on Freemans and others blogs, but he seemed quite a nice fellow. And the two gelled rather well. So, who knows, maybe one day we’ll see a new community blog between them.