What’s up with David Jaffe?

Careful, I could be stringing together posts that have no meaning and/or no relation, but I’m kinda bored so I pose this question: What the hell is up with David Jaffe?

On January 18th David Jaffe posts (here):

You are floating in a river with no current.All around you are bricks of gold and shiny red lips.

It feels nice to float here; like you never want to leave…but it is very hard to swim in these waters. And if you stay here too much longer you may drown.

The bank of the river, off to your left side, is dark and mysterious. You are terrified to get out of the water…but staying in the river will probably kill you.

What do you do ?

Seems odd, no? Sounds to me like a man at a crossroads asking if he should submit to gold and big-talk despite personal loss, or risk the unknown path in an attempt to save himself. Should he tick with what has become comfortable, or take an opportunity to reinvigorate his life by striking out, away from the comfort? Stick with Sony, or leave’em. Then on the 26th, this possibly unrelated post came (here):

The blog is going on hiatus for a bit. Not sure how long…a few days? A few weeks or months? Maybe for good (in which case it would not be a hiatus, but an ending).I have really, really enjoyed working on this blog and chatting with all of you guys and gals. So much so that I may very well come back in a week and be like: what the hell was I thinking?!?! I can’t give up the blog!

But for now at least, I’m going to give it a shot.

For the last few months, I’ve been toying with the idea…it was something that kept coming up in my mind. But I’ve been reluctant to stop blogging not only because I enjoy it but because this blog has raised my visibility as a game designer; amongst gamers, amongst fellow game developers, and with the press as well. I’ve gotten lots of coverage, gained new players for the games I’ve worked on, and gained lots of great career opportunities. I have to admit I am worried about letting all of that go.

But I’ve always followed my gut. Within my personal life and within my work as well. And it’s never steered me wrong. I started this blog from a gut desire to have a space on the web to share my game development life and it’s been a blast. But right now my gut is telling me it’s time to let the work- and the work only- speak for itself.

Thanks for the interest and support. And thanks to Sony for letting me do this crazy thing. You guys have been nothing but supportive even when I’ve said stuff I maybe should not have said! Thanks!

So, he decided to go with his gut and stop blogging, despite at least two blogs before this one. The artist decides to let his art speak for itself, rather than speak for his work. He thanks his readers, his fans, and Sony, then signs off (after recommending potential game designers keep two very important things in mind; Red Lobster and Service Merchandise.)

It’s not unheard of for employees to catch shit for their blogs. Though it’s more likely he’s being sincere and appreciates Sony, that doesn’t fit in with my ranting and raving, and I’m going to pretend that’s not the case. I believe that David Jaffe has made up his mind to leave Sony, and is trying to convince himself to finish his current projects before leaving. Why else would someone put the kibosh on a blog that has elevated his status, helped his games, and created job opportunities? He’s trying to avoid those things so that they don’t become a distraction and he can finish his PSP game, “HL.” Think about that. If you had helped create a famous IP like Twisted Metal, and given your all in a wonderfully reviewed game based on IP you first through up back in high school ideas (which is now owned by Sony, who optioned it for a movie and gave you a role in the production (that for the sake of this I’ll argue was a pleasantry to keep you happy and slightly paid rather than actually involved in the film),) but only achieved a newfound level of respect and popularity after going out of your way to create a free blog on the internet… You may not be perfectly happy with the company that you’ve been working for. In fact, you may be more pissed at them than you are yourself. And you should be.

But then, good to his word, he soom completely posted his mind and posted an update on the same entry:

EDIT: Ya know…fuck it. I changed my mind….the minute I posted this it just felt….I don’t know….wrong. There is SOMETHING about not blogging anymore that feels right….but then the moment I step away from it, it feels wrong….and I miss it very much….I like having a spot on the web…..so I don’t know…..I will keep doing this for awhile….but I will keep this post up so you guys can see how confused I am about the whole thing…. :) Take it easy….going to bed….will post soon! Sorry for the confusion!….David

Fuck he’s a confusing guy. My prediction? He’ll keep blogging, and soon quit Sony. He may even finish the games he’s working on, as he seems to be intent on that.

In the comment-section of his blog I asked for him to email me, as he (understandably) doesn’t advertise his email address on his site. I realize he’s a busy guy and can’t email every schmoe who asks him too, but at least I tried to get an interview of sorts. (Not that I’m a big draw. I’m just saying, I tried.) But hey, I still welcome him to call me “batshit insane.” I call it “bored” and “creative.” :D