Reality versus virtual.

So which one’s more real?

Yesterday the Weather Guy at the station I work in comes up to me and says “My sources tell me you’ve got a blog. I’m going to investigate and confirm if this is true or not.” Without thinking I tell him just to visit and he’ll be redirected to it. I actually regret it. The accusatorial tone in which he said “My sources tell me you’ve got a blog.” was hilarious. It’s like he’s just discovered some hidden treasure. (Maybe he was expecting pages of me crying about high school and dark poetry?) I guess I should’ve at least let him feel like he ‘discovered’ something, rather than leading the way. Ah well, sorry Chris. But it’s okay pal, you’re a solid cat.

I never really gave much thought to someone I know in real life finding this. It doesn’t bother me; rather it’s interesting. It brings up that whole debate of self versus virtual self. CmdrTaco of Slashdot fame had quite an interesting experience himself the other day.

Blizzard said he couldn’t use ‘CmdrTaco’ as his name. That’s a shame. Who am I, if not Jeffool?