My computer and XBox died (or, Arrr!)

So, I don’t have a computer now. I haven’t for about a week and I’m not sure when I’ll get another, though hopefully soon. I’m actually breaking rules at work and using a computer here (with my boss’ permission. He’s a solid cat.) What I was using was mine and my brother’s computer. But we decided to sell it and get a better one. Now that we’ve sold the old one, there’s problems with the new one. *sigh* Damn.
Also, my XBox died. My cousin and I played Halo 2 every second or third night, so I’m really missing it by now. Not to mention I occassionally found a good game of Tetris Worlds to hop into on Live, though that was sadly rare. So now I’m left with a chunk of metal and plastic that died while consuming my Tetris disc. But I’m feeling Frankenstein-ish. My inquisitive side is rearing it’s ugly head and I’ve decided that since I have nothing to lose, now’s the time to mod it, assuming I can get it fixed. Johnny of Johnnyz House of Modz tells me that he charges $10 just to look at it, a total of $50 if he can fix it and return it to it’s original state. Then a softmod costs another $40. (I should point out that I’m not ‘horrible’ with hardware, but I prefer to leave it to professionals. Worst case scenerio he can’t do it and I’m out $10.)Obviously this’ll make me seem like a ‘pirate’. And y’know what? I am. We’ve all done it before, and I occasionally do still. I’ll download some music, use my computer (when I have one) as VCR, and rarely movies. But if you trust me at all, realize that if I enjoy something and think it’s worth my money, I’ll support the people behind it financially. (And if you still feel ill toward me, I’ll go ahead and let you know that the TV shows are from channels that I’ve already paid for, and the music is largely illegal music anyway. DJs who’ve not paid royalties for the music (and sometimes themselves aren’t charging for it.))
Of course, this is no less illegal than any other piracy. I’m still one of ‘the bad guys’. Oh, and also about a year ago I downloaded a game, to be completely forthcoming. Somehow my copy of Civ III got lost, so while I was waiting for my new (purchased) copy of Civ 3 to arrive in the mail, I downloaded it and played it. Though while I’m thinking about DJs, go to DJ Z-Trip’s site and listen to some of his new album for free! Though even if you don’t like turntablism at all, I recommend downloading the WFNX mix you’ll find here; it’s a good sample of the style he does. (And he’s cool with you downloading those older mixes, too. And a pal of mine colored a record sleeve for one of his singles on the new album. Swell stuff, huh?)Oh, but back to the main topic. The main reason I’m wanting to mod? The XBox homebrew scene. There’s lots of homebrew XBox stuff out there these days, so I’m already behind the times. And the ‘hacker’ in me wants to poke around with the box and see what I can do.