No such thing as a ‘final’ Fantasy.

It’s true. And not only will they never stop making them, apparently they will never stop remaking them. Yes, the latest rumor is that there’s a chance that the Final Fantasy VII tech demo used to showcase PS3 software has gotten such acclaim that Squeenix is “not saying that a remake won’t happen,” to word it carefully. But dear Christ, why? I know, that’s a dumb question. “Because people will buy it again.” But why? Are graphics that important to everyone? I mean, I’ve already bought Final Fantasy IV and VI twice. Once the first time around, and the second for the sole purpose of being able to play them from here on out on my Playstations without having to drag out my SNES. (Though apparently the idea of ‘backwards compatability’ is limited to games, and not any progress I’ve actually made on those games. There are no memory card slots, instead we’ll have to use Memory sticks a la PSP.)

Is it inherent that 3d games will constantly be revised until we reach photorealistic graphics? Or will it stop when the graphics finally reach par with the game’s cutscenes? Of course, Final Fantasy 7 was ‘the one’. It heralded videogames arrival to the mainstream like few other games for many people.