I’m Jeffool. Welcome to my blog.

Hi. I’m new to gameblogging. Hell, I’m practically new to blogging. Sure I’ve got four posts, but those are largely posts that were started when I initially got the bug to blog. So, this is what I should’ve started off with but never got around to, the introduction. Hi, I’m Jeffool. Sound silly? I choose Jeffool partly for branding reasons (because my real name, “Jeff Bridges” is impossible to google and get results for me,) and partly because, well, I’ve used it for so long in games and on the internet that I’m sticking with it. It’s worked fine for me so far.

I started blogging because I like to talk (, or write as it is,) and conversation helps me flesh out my ideas and opinions. I have no doubts about no one/few people reading this, and that’s cool. It’s just a place for me to stretch my mental legs as it is. I’m a programmer by habit; I have an Associates of Science from Full Sail. (Which isn’t a bad place, despite the rumors. There’s some good teachers there.) While in school I found Jamie Fristrom’s blog. Before, I was anti-blog, but now, well, I am a blogger. Blame him.

I do hope to one day join the commercial games industry, and to be honest, I want to change the world. Hey, why half-ass it? I have a bit of an ego sometimes. But I think I’m generally an affable guy. I enjoy programming, but that’s not why I chose games. I chose games because I want to make my own games. Programming is a means to do that. Just like if someone wanted to make their own comic, they better learn to draw.

More or less, I’m just a gamer with a blog.